• Victim Services

    As a victim, any time you do not understand what is happening or why, or if you have any questions, call the Prosecutor at (660) 582-8285. Making this telephone call is important because as a victim you are an integral […]

  • Tinted Windows

    Missouri law regulates the location and amount of tint which may be applied to motor vehicle windows. If you have a medical condition which requires additional tinting, you must provide verification of your need from a licensed physician or optometrist. […]

  • Testifying in Court

    Coming to court and testifying in front of a judge or a jury is a new and stressful experience for most people. There are certain things that witnesses should keep in mind in order to be effective. First, TELL THE […]

  • Speeding/Traffic

    In Missouri, convictions for exceeding the posted speed limit can result in points being assessed against your license. In some circumstances, you may be eligible for a ticket amendment to avoid the assessment of points. However, multiple amendments are not […]